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FAQs for Online Submission


Nano Mission is happy to launch its On-line Project Submission System. This system will enable prospective Project Investigators to submit their proposals on-line and get an acknowledgement on-line. Nano Mission sincerely hopes that the scientific community will find the On-line Project Submission System useful and convenient.


Instructions for On-Line Submission


First, you need to submit a "Project Executive Summary (PES)" on line. It contains some essential details about you and a brief summary of the proposal including its duration and cost. Please make sure that the e-mail address that you provide is accessible to you on a regular basis.


Details about the PPDs Submission

PPDs contains 9 parts PPD-I to PPD-IX. It contains the technical and financial aspects of the proposal along with bio data of PIs and co-PIs.

PPD-I, PPD-II and PPD-IX (if applicable) have to be filled on-line. The PPD-IV should contain the detailed bio-data of the PI which should be uploaded in pdf format. All other PPDs have to be uploaded in .doc, .docx or .pdf formats as per the formats given in the Formats and Guidelines section of this website. (doc to pdf converters are available as freeware on the Internet. You can use them to convert doc files to pdf).

The system enables you to save repeated drafts of the on-line data till you SUBMIT the same. Please take printouts of the same and make sure that everything is correct and in order before you click the SUBMIT button. Similarly, you must ensure that the contents of the parts to be uploaded are correct and in order before the same are uploaded. After you UPLOAD and SUBMIT, you will not be able to change the contents.

It would be useful if you first prepare the parts which have to be uploaded (viz. PPD-III, PPD-IV, PPD-V, PPD-VI, PPD-VII and PPD-VIII) in the formats given on this website under “Formats and Guidelines” Section. Please note that the formats for PPD-III are different for different kinds of programmes (for example, R&D project, centre of excellence, research facility, PG programme, etc.). And, PPD-VII and PPD-VIII have to be uploaded only if the project cost is beyond certain limits as mentioned in the check-list below.

Total Cost

< Rs. 15 crore

>= Rs. 15 crore and < Rs. 50 crore

>= Rs. 50 crore

Parts to be filled or uploaded





Size of each upload (i.e. PPD-III to PPD-VIII individually) should not exceed more than 2MB.

You will only be allowed to SUBMIT the proposal after you have selected the PRINT option.

In addition to submitting the proposal online, you must take printouts of each part and collate them in the form of a hard copy of the proposal. Send three hard copies of the proposal (neatly and securely stapled; no bound copies please) along with originals of the certificates given in PPD-V & PPD-VI by SPEEDPOST at the following address. This must be done immediately after the on-line submission. Submission of PPD would complete the process of submission of research proposal to the Nano Mission.

Address for submission of hard copies of the proposal: Dr. Rajiv Sharma, Scientist-G and Mission Director, Nano Mission, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110 016. (The packet containing the proposals should be superscribed with: "Nano Mission Proposal-R&D Project/Proposal for Centre of Excellence/ Proposal for Research Facility/PG Programme Proposal/Other Programmes" indicating the type of funding requested for.)

In case of any difficulty, please contact the Nano Mission Secretariat at Technology Bhavan, New Delhi at nanomission-dst@nic.in .

Despite your best efforts, if you are unable to submit your proposal on-line, prepare PPD-III to PPD-VIII and PPD-IX (if applicable) off-line, take a printout and collate them into a proposal document. Send 5 copies of this proposal document (neatly and securely stapled; no bound copies please) to :


Dr. Rajiv Sharma
Scientist-G and Mission Director, Nano Mission,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Department of Science & Technology
Technology Bhavan,
New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi - 110016